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What causes Floods?
Heavy Rainfall: Causes increase in sea level rise etc.
Over–saturated soil (when the ground can’t hold in any more water and could turn into mud etc): Infiltration can’t take place due to the soil’s impermeability resulting in so then surface run off will be increased. High River, Stream, and Sea Level (caused by heavy rain/particle expansion): The amount of water in the channel becomes too high, forcing water inland. Objects such as fallen trees and littering can causes blocks in the flow of the water, which can also cause flooding. The Environment Agency constantly monitors sea levels and informs people on flood warnings. Large Amount of Snow is melted (eg. Melting of ice caps etc) Sewer Flooding: When the sewer systems do not have enough capacity to take water entering the system, from heavy rainfall, river and highway flooding, it causes flooding. Deforestation: With fewer trees to absorb or slow down rainfall (through the leaves and soil), the rainwater travels at a faster speed towards the rivers, then increasing water levels etc. Where you floods occur?

Flooding occurs in low-lying areas which are exposed to rivers and streams. In flood inland regions, floods may spread over kilometres and may last several weeks. In developed and developing countries, they are able to warn the public about the forecast as they have the technology to do this. This is an advantage as it reduces the risk of people being killed or injured as they are notified in advanced and have the chance to migrate to a safer area. However, for those living in poor countries where technology is not as developed, they may not know about the disasters that are going to occur and therefore, are at a higher risk of losing their lives and possessions.

Happened on 16th August 2004
Boscastle is a small town in Cornwall, UK
There are around 800 permanent residents.

CAUSES: Physical
Stormy weather up to flood...
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