Flogging: Prison and Sarcasm Tone

Topics: Prison, Whip, Punishment Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Jacoby’s Bring Back Flogging
Jeff Jacoby’s “Bring Back Flogging” starts off his essay with a clear argument. His tittle itself states clearly what he is trying to persuade his readers. I can see that Jacoby has also strongly stated his thesis statement in his tittle itself. As an author he illustrates the sarcasm tone in his essay to make his point of view clear to the readers. He conveyed his readers in an ironical way, where there is a contrast between what he said and what he meant.

Jacoby’s point of view simply shows us that he believes that flogging should be brought back to replace with a system involving corporal punishment. As for me I do not agree with Jacoby’s point of view where he stated that flogging should be brought back after ages.

First, to support my claim I clearly believe that flogging is actually a harsh way to punish a prisoner. Do you know what is flogging? Well, to those who do not know what flogging means here it goes, flogging refers to beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment. I don’t think so by being harsh to a prisoner will make him or her realize what his mistake was. It gives them pain and I am sure it may affect them to have the mentality of not being bothered of changing their attitude. Their mind voice would say, “I am being punished and I am going through this pain. What is the purpose of changing myself?” I feel being behind the bars gives those prisoners a very good lesson in their life rather than being physically punished where they might be more aggressive after the punishment. In Jacoby’s second paragraph, “Now we practice a more enlightened, more humane way of disciplining wrongdoers: We lock them in cages.” This sentence clearly shows that Jacoby’s sarcasm where he is actually not satisfied. In his point of view, he feels that being in a prison is not a form of punishment for those prisoners. Actually, he thinks they deserve more than this which is the flogging. I am also against flogging...
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