Flirting Misconception

Topics: Flirting, Human sexuality, Feeling Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: January 8, 2013
In high school, you will encounter the many types of flirts. As you may or may not know, there are different classifications of flirting; the sincere or nice flirt, the mocking flirt and of course, who- could- forget the player flirt. Each type of flirt offers something different, and every person interprets them differently. Every detail small or large indicates what the flirting will lead to, whether it’s the amount of “wink” faces sent through text or the shy timid wave and smile in the hallways. With these helpful tips you will surely be a flirting expert in no time at all! To start us off on our flirting journey, we will encounter the nice, sincere flirter. You know when you see your crush in the hallway, and they give you that shy embarrassed smile? Yeah that’s called the sincere flirt it can mean one of two things; getting friend zoned or the start of something meaningful. Many girls confuse sincere flirting as just being nice. So boys here’s a tip; “grow a pair”. Tell her how you feel. It might be gut wrenching at the time but I assure you it pays off because then the hard part if over; she will know how you feel which will allow her to be honest about how she feels. Be warned though, because, many guys tend to confuse girls niceness as flirting, which sets you up for disappointment. To avoid an awkward situation all you can do is be honest and ask, because no one wants to get friend zoned just because they thought feelings were mutual. If all goes well and both people have mutual feelings towards each other than the fun has just begun! You will begin to feel more comfortable talking to one another, which leads to stopping in the hallway just to talk. The conversations will grow deeper as you have moved past the “Hey what’s up?” stage. Shortly you will have gained enough confidence to hang out outside of school, and this is when all the “magic” starts to happen. You have moved past the flirting and moved on to accepting the fact that there are feelings,...
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