Flipped Classroom

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Flipping a classroom: Establishing a framework and ensuring your students receive a personalized education tailored to their needs.

What is a Flipped Classroom?

A flipped classroom turn upside down is a personalized and interaction time of the whole class. Teachers and students should be engaged along the process. Modifications are always a way of improving and making it a better learning environment for all.

Ask Yourself: How to do you prepare to flip your class?
After reading contexts, watching web broadcasts and taking an overview of lessons. Educators can start by eliminating long lectures of instructions, wasteful worksheets and journals. We can replace them with the use of iteration, partnering and sharing and practice.

Let’s take a look at iteration:
Remember writing the Anticipatory Set on the board and getting students to answer. Well remember time wasn’t one your side to get all feedback from your students: To get the attention of your audience, well through iteration, you can text, post short videos, or FB the Goal and send it to all the students in class.

After this, you would normally put The Do Now assignment on a SmartBoard or on the overhead projector. Well the partnering stage fits in when you allow the feedback from your students’ response. They also get to see other student comments while they are posting. This is a form of blogging. You can also suggest picture uploading on the assignment or sharing a short you-tube video that restates the topic and other suggestions. Hey did I mention during this time they are sharing information and partnering while they are browsing other comments or suggestions from their peers.

Flipped classrooms are not just the using of technology. We are cutting down the time of elaborating of boring teacher lectures, eye contact, reading boring books that the teacher handpicked for the classroom.

The Pros about flipped classrooms.

1. The students are taking responsibility for their own...
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