Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

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The book that I recently loved was "Flipped" By Wendelin Van Draanen. Flipped is a fiction book and contains 212 pages, I started the book on May 2nd and finished it the week later.Wendelin Van Draanen was born January 6 in Chicago,IL and is still living. Wendelin Van Draanen's previous jobs was a fork lifter(a fork lifter is a person who works at a construction site lifting up heavy weights off the ground with a mechanical machine),high school computer teacher, and even was a singer in a rock band!Wendelin Van Draanen as a young child was a tomboy who loved going outside chasing down adventures, she did not even decide on becoming an author until she became an adult.Wendelin Van Draanen's hobbies include the three R's: Reading, running, and Rock 'n' Roll! Her inspiration for writing is the past, the future ,and the struggle for a happy ending! Her favorites foods are spicy Mexican foods, and dark chocolate. Her every day clothes are sneakers, shorts, and a sweatshirt. Her favorite colors are emerald green with a touch of midnight blue!

Flipped is about a Boy named "Bryce Loki" and a girl named "Julianna Baker". They met each other in the 2nd grade, at home. Bryce Loski was Julianna Baker's new neighbor, Bryce didn’t intend to meet her but Julianna was eager to meet him, she tried introducing herself but Bryce didn’t want to so he accidentally grabbed her hand while trying to push her away. They both have different sides to what happened, Julianna thought he held her hand on purpose and now has a crush on him and Bryce never intended that accident to happen. Julianna and Bryce are in the 7th grade now and Julianna still likes him, while Bryce is always avoiding her not caring of her feelings. Then! Things flip in the 8th grade! Julianna stops crushing on Bryce having no feelings for him because he never cared and noticed her through there lives and Bryce starts having feelings for Julianna! At there school there is a tradition where all the girls would vote...
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