Topics: American novels, Flipped, Rob Reiner Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: November 25, 2007
The book Flipped is based around the lives of the two main characters, Bryce Loski and Julianna Baker, Juli for short. It all started out when Bryce moved in across from Juli and Juli wanted a new friend so she went over to Bryce's house and she grabbed his hand and she fell in love with him. As the years went bye Juli still had a crush on Bryce. One day Bryce was flying a kite but his kite got stuck in a sycamore tree so Juli wanted to prove herself to Bryce so she started to climb the sycamore tree when she got up there she saw the best view she's ever seen so from that day on she always loved that spot. One mourning while Juli was up in the tree she saw a bunch of construction workers with saws so she stayed up in the tree for a whole day then finally they got her dad to come and get her. The next few days she was very depressed so she did not go to school for a few days and when she got back to school she was all over Bryce again. After a year or two she started raising chickens and she kept on giving eggs to Bryce's family, but as soon as she would leave he would grab the eggs and throw them away. He did this because his father was very disapproving of Juli's family and their messy yard, and he felt the eggs might have salmonella in them. Then one mourning she decided to stay on the porch and when he came to throw the eggs out she found out and she got so mad she promised to herself that she would never talk to him again. During this time Juli began to become close to Bryce's grandpa, Chet. He was very wise and taught Juli many lessons about life like that there is usually more to a person than what meets the eye. He also helped her build a fence, as she was fixing up her family's yard. While Juli's family was odd and poor, they were all very happy and caring to each other. Bryce's family seems to be perfect, but his family was beginning to fall apart because of his father's mean attitude. An example of this was when Bryce's family found out that the reason...
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