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Business – to – Consumer ( B 2 C )
A e-Marketplace for businesses to sell product and services to consumers. Amazon , Flipkart , Myntra , Jabong etc.
Business – to – Business
( B 2 B )
A e – Marketplace for businesses to sell products and services to businesses i.e. retailers or corporate consumers. Alibaba , Indiamart etc.
Customer – to – Customer ( C 2 C )
A e – Marketplace for consumers to sell products and services to consumers through a business organization who acts as a facilitator. e – bay , Google adward , Quikr etc.

Well Flipkart is a leading player in Indian eCommerce industry. The company started as a online retail player where it used to stock inventory of products it sold. But due to FDI in multi retail allegation the company changed its business model to online marketplace. What is online marketplace?

It is a platform where both buyers and sellers meet at the same platform for sell/purchase of goods and services. What is the revenue model in online marketplace?
Well, unlike online retail, online marketplace has multiple sources of revenue.

1. Listing fee where Flipkart charges some annual amount from the sellers he is allowing to sell through its website 2. Interest on escrow account. This is the interest Flipkart receives when the transaction amount is kept. For example: If a seller ABC sells a product worth 10000. The amount 10000 paid by the customer is saved in escrow account of Flipkart. Flipkart releases this payment to seller ABC only when the customer is satisfied with the transaction and the product. The period for which the amount is stored is escrow account earns a interest for Flipkart. 3. Commission on sale: Flipkart got its brand name through aggressive marketing. The company helps sellers sell their products under its brand name (website). Flipkart charges a commission on sale of every product. For example: Lets say commission for selling a TV is 5 per cent, so Flipkart will get 5 per cent of the price of...
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