Flip Book Critique

Topics: Narrative mode, Narrator, Plane, Narrative, Hong Kong / Pages: 4 (777 words) / Published: Mar 24th, 2016
I decided to do a flipbooks and cartoon to illustrate the most important events in my life because I wanted to add another diverse layer to my work. Through out Ethel and Ernest scenes were illustrated with numerous pictures not just one for the whole scene. I just took that one step further to add more depth to my work. The graphic conventions that I used in my work were Uppercase and Bold letters, speech bubbles, thought bubbles, colour, settings and objects. Specific features of Ethel and Ernest are that there is a lot of detail and a lot of speech. I think that I covered them both to an extent especially detail. It's was harder on the flip books to have a lot of speech but certainly on the pictures I have added as much speech as I could. …show more content…
Also face includes little speech which is a feature I have transferred to my work- little speech. At one point in the narration I put 'she put on a brave face' which I tried to link with face as Martins 'mischievous' or 'up to no good' faces are often mentioned. The three flip books animated the most special if not most important lessons of my life. The flip books were supposed to highlight them. Also as I had a restriction as to how many words I could use to describe an event a flip books tells the story without the need of an explanation. To make the flip books I watched tutorial on YouTube of how to make the book then how to animate my drawings. I looked at many examples. It was a very fun task but it needed a lot of patience. that I don't have next time to improve I would have had more flip books and made them neater.

Lily, david and Helen stepped on to the coach ready for a long journey to Heathrow airport. When they arrived Lily's heart was pounding so fast: this was the start of a new life! The wait for the plane was long. The 'lounge' was silent and relaxing yet inside Lily was screaming to herself, "is this really happening?" As she boarded the plane her mother gave her a smile, Lily put on a

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