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The Top 8 Reasons To Become a Flight Attendant

Many of us become or want to become a flight attendant for a host of reasons. Possibly it is the perception of glamour that gets us at a young age and while this was very true in the early days of flying unfortunately the mystique of flying is not what it was because it is much more common place for most people now-a-days.

Certainly many of those that have been flying for some years would say that there is no glamour as such but a reality check to working in some retail outlets I think would highlight just how lucky those who fly really are. I know that I’ve done some pretty ordinary jobs during the time I was out of flying and did them for even more ordinary pay! Quite frankly I spilt more at the bar on a good night out than what I got paid in some of the menial jobs that I’ve had the good fortune to have done.

I say, "Good fortune because those jobs remind me how good this flight attendant caper really is.Yes there’s higher paying jobs for some, but for me not a better lifestyle".

However let me continue... In truth, there are many reasons to become a flight attendant as there are people and everyone’s different, but here are my top 8 and not necessarily in order but let’s start with my favourite....

1) Lifestyle

Without doubt lifestyle is right up there. I mean, your work place is an ever changing office that takes off from one city and lands in another city. It really makes the world a small place and it’s never boring because you not only get a brand new bunch of passengers nearly every leg you fly but can also have a change or part change of crew.

Over time you get to meet the who’s who in the world from celebrities, world leaders, sports stars world war veterans, entertainers, TV personalities and in general great people.

If you happen to be crewing an overnight it gets better again. Often you are picked up in a limo or if the crew is bigger in number than the limo can hold they provide an almost equally comfortable bus for your transport to the hotel. Your hotel for safety reasons is rarely below 4 stars and for the bigger airlines its 5 star minimum. Yes there is real truth in living a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget. The realisation of the lifestyle you lead is when you’ve had it and then lost it as I did after my first airline went into liquidation after 16 years. Admittedly I have seen great changes and the aviation industry has indeed changed markedly in that time but from my perspective it’s still a lifestyle that I love and enjoy.

2) Camaraderie

One of the biggest reasons to become a flight attendant is without doubt the camaraderie of the crew and for that matter the aviation ‘system’ the world over. The fact that you wear an aviation ID means you have just joined one big club the world over. When working internationally it meant that I could fly from Sydney Australia to Osaka Japan, pull up a stool in a bar and immediately strike up a conversation or join a group of other flyers for a meal just because they too flew.

While the uniform identifies you it’s the job that unites you like no other system or network that I have ever worked in. And sure, you don’t always want to socialise with crew but the beauty is that you can choose whether you want to or not when you are a flight attendant. I think it gets back to the selection process of flight attendants in that one of the priorities looked for in a potential flight attendant is that you are a people person.

3) Working conditions

Working conditions for me is a big one. Now I might add that these can be vastly different between low cost carriers and full service carriers. I guess I’m a little tarnished also because I saw the low cost carrier concentrate on nothing other than $$$ and showed absolutely no care for either the passengers they carried nor the crew they employed to work those aircraft.

For instance, they would think it OK that you worked...
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