Topics: Question, Foster care, Childhood Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: September 24, 2013
It is a warm, peaceful Sunday afternoon. Zits, from Flight, is on his way to his favorite coffee shop in Seattle, Washington. As he approaches the coffee shop he senses a strange aura emanating from the front patio of the shop. He pays no attention to this ominous feeling, but he does notice that a strange figure is sitting in his usual spot. He does not want to seem rude so he goes over and politely asks the figure if they knew that that was his spot. As he moves closer Zits notices that this figure is actually a girl around his age. He calmly approaches her and instead of asking her about his spot, Zits decides to ask if he could join her. This mystery woman is Claudette, from Saint Lucy’s School for Girls. Trying to fit into her new society Claudette gladly agrees to have some company. Once they have their drinks the two young thinkers begin a rather thoughtful and inquisitive discussion that begins with one simple question. How was your childhood?

Claudette asked this rather bold question in order to better understand how children in this civilization were raised. That was a bad idea. Zits was clearly frustrated by how he had been raised since he traveled from foster home to foster home and until recently never had a permanent family. He honestly did not know how to answer this simple question. He began his story with the many foster homes that he had lived in. He used very vivid details that made the story seem even more realistic that it was. He explained that being raised in such awful conditions made him the person that he was. He contemplated his past before continuing the story. Zits told Claudette about his experience at the bank and how he felt that his action was caused by the lack of parental guidance that he had. Now that he had a real family that actually cared for and loved him he stated that he knew his life would change. After all he had been through Zits knew about and cherished the idea that your childhood makes you...
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