Flight 383 Case Study

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The crash of the American Airlines Boeing 727-123 Flight 383
The crash of Flight 383 on 8th November, 1965 has been one of the worst airplane related tragedies in the United States. Fifty eight people died in this mishap.
The flight was bound from New York to Cincinnati. When it approached Ohio, there was a little bit of rough weather near the airport and hence there was a delay in landing. The aircraft descended faster than protocol dictated, something thing that neither pilot on the flight noticed. It eventually crashed near the runway of the Cincinnati airport, with the airplane catching fire.

The premier of Days of Our Lives
It is hard to imagine that Days of Our Lives began in 1965 considering it is on air even today!
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The Race Relations Act of Britain
The middle of the twentieth century saw the rise of liberalism and racial equality. There were vast amounts of changes people's mindsets and many reforms were also made during this time. But the first law to be passed in Britain was the Race Relations Act which was passed on 8th December 1965. It made any discrimination based on race or provenance illegal.
But this act had many lacunae which made it almost completely ineffective in checking racial bias. It was amended in 1968 and later again in 1976 which solidified it. These subsequent changes made it much more capable of dealing with discrimination.

As it was seen, the year 1965 was quite a handful when it came to the space- race between the United States and The Soviet Union. Although Russia had a head start, America quickly caught up and gradually inched ahead of Russia.
It was also a year of social reform. Anti-discrimination laws were being passed all over the world. The concept of equal but separate was being seen for the redundant idea that it

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