Flexible Working Hours

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Better Family Life
Is flexible work time a smart decision? The employee prefers the flexible working time. It’s more family friendly and they can decide their own working hours. But they don’t experience the community at their place of work. The company saves a lot of money so it’s a big advantage for them.

More and more companies choose to let their employees have flexible working hours. Flexible working boosts productivity and staff morale, and helps them keep their top talent so that they can grow. Flexible working hours can help people balance their family life with work and caring responsibilities, and mothers and fathers will be able to choose how they care for their children. They can do their work at home, and they can choose by themselves when and where they will work. It solves so many problems. They don’t have to go early or come late, because they had to go to the dentist or the hairdresser. They don’t need to put their children in childcare or childminding. They can just take a break and get the children and take care of them by themselves. The women don’t have to spend so much money on make-up when they just can sit home in their bed the whole day. They can just look as terribly as they want to.

But the flexible working hours isn’t only good for the employee. There are also many distribute for the company: ‘’By now many companies have figured out the benefits of allowing employees to telecommute. Besides saving a company money on office space, telecommuters are often more productive, experience less absenteeism, and are less likely to be lured away to other jobs.’’
So more employee would work, because they can work from their beds if they are sick. Therefore, they rather have no excuse not to work.

Before you can work with flexible hours, you have to work ‘normally’ for 26 weeks. When the 26 weeks are past they can ask for flexible working hours. Some offices allow asking for before the 26 weeks are past.

But they can’t just relax at home and

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