Flaws of educational testing

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Mickel Hernandez
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The Flaws of Educational Testing
The earliest record of standardized testing comes from china, where hopefuls for government jobs had to fill out examinations testing their knowledge of Confucian Philosophy and poetry.by World War 1, standardized testing was slandered practice: aptitude quizzes called Army Mental test were conducted to assign to U.S. servicemen jobs during the war effort. Grading was at first done manually, an arduous task that undermined standardized testing’s goal of speedy mass assessment. It would take until 1936 to develop automatic test scanners, a rudimentary computer called the IBM 805. It used electrical current to detect marks made by special pencils on tests, giving rise to the now ubiquitous bubbling-in of answers. The different types of modern educational testing are; aptitude test, criterion reference test, formative assessment, multiple choice testing , performance assessment, norm referenced test, and standardized achievement test. Some people believe that standardized testing is a cornerstone of education today. Tests administrated by state education departments are also at the center of controversy for many teachers and education reformers. There are many reasons why people disagree with the idea and/or concept of educational testing. These reasons include, ; test scores cannot accurately determine a student’s learning, the stakes are too high, teachers are “teaching to the test ,” and standardized testing eats up instruction time There are seven different types of standardized test that the educational system uses to test the intellect of student in modern times. First, there is the aptitude test. This test consists of items selected and standardized so that the educational system can predict a person’s future performance. Then, there is the criterion-referenced test. This type of assessment is designed to compare a student’s test performance with clearly defined...

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