Flat Earth

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Eng 102

Mr. Thomas Friedman has a theory that he calls “flat earth” he speaks in many places and too many different people about this theory. No, this man has not lost his mind going around the country telling people that the earth is flat and if you get too close to the edge you will fall off. Mr. Friedman is elaborating on what he means by basically that the world is an even playing field for anyone in it. He is trying to get the point across that we have the same tools as everyone else, and this can help us achieve our goals and put our possible ideas out there and see what can happen. A main point of this speech by Friedman is that what can be done will be done. What he means by this is the way the world works today, if you or somebody can think up some type of idea the technology and tools that are available to us today it will happen. He also touches on if you have a type of idea or plan act upon it as fast as you can because either you do it or someone else will and you will have to remember that for the rest of your life. I would almost call today’s economic society today a “dog eat dog” world. This how people should start thinking, it is a very optimistic thought and I think it’s what America needs. Finally, I hope if you take anything from this man Mr. Friedman it is that anything can be done by anyone. This is a great country that we live in and it is the land of opportunity for the people willing to put themselves and their ideas or plans out there and hope for the best. This is a country built on hopes and dreams and it needs to remain that way.
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