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Chapter 6 Motivation
-the forces that activate and direct behavior
-a complex internal state that involves physiological, cognitive, and behavioral components
-reinforcements and punishments, external forces that act on our behavior Reinforcement
-ability of an object or action to make the actions that preceded it more likely to happen in the future
-event that makes the actions that preceded it less likely to happen in the future
Quantity and quality
-amount and type of reinforcement and punishment, important determinants of motivation Instincts
-behaviors that do not require previous experience or learning Ethology
-field that seeks to study the behavior of animals in their natural habitat
Evolutionary psychology
-branch of psychology that seeks to explain behavior in terms of its function Unlearned behaviors
-behaviors that are apparent from a very early age onwards and require very little experience to emerge Modal action patterns
-behaviors that occur in the same fashion, time and time again, and are present in nearly every individual
-a central concept in motivation, internal forces that provide us with the energy and intensity to regain homeostasis Drive reduction
-occurs after we begin to reduce a need, when we begin to feel better
-the level of alertness or sleepiness we feel at any given moment
Sympathetic nervous system
-part of the nervous system that responds when threat is present, dual action of suppressing some activities while enhancing others Arousal homeostasis
-idea that we all strive to be at our optimal level of arousal Reticular formation
-part of the brain located in the brain stem, regulates brain’s ability to regulate all levels of arousal
Yerkes-Dodson arousal curve
-theory that describes the relationship between arousal and performance as an inverted-U-shaped curve 6.3
-fundamental concept of both physiology and behavior, that there’s an optimal

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