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To fill up your scrollpane, an option would be to load an external swf into the scrollpane. You can create a separate swf with the images etc in it, set the scrollpane's contentpath parameter to the name of the swf you created i.e. images.swf (and make sure you save them into the same directory on your computer/website.

Customizing the scrollbars and graphics on the scrollpane got a lot harder in MX2004 and flash 8. To remove the small border add this code to the movie your scrollpane is in:


(Make sure you change "myScrollPane" to what ever instance name you gave to your scrollpane...to give the scrollpane an instance name, just click on it once and in the properties panel there should be a box to type your name into. Remember this is case-sensitive.)

To change the actual graphics and colors of the scroll bar you have to open up:

C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Flash 8\en\Configuration\ComponentFLA\HaloTheme.fla

and then, in HaloTheme.fla's library, navigate to:

Flash UI Components 2/Themes/MMDefault/ScrollBar Assets

and drag the ScrollBarAssets movieclip onto the stage. This gives you the mouse-over and mouse-down etc states of the buttons and scrolltracker and everything else contained in the scroll bar. You can double click any of the elements until you are actually editing it. Once you get each of the buttons looking as you want, you are ready to import the new theme to your flash movie. To do this, make sure you've got the scrollpane set up in your flash movie, and then drag the movieclip with all the buttons in it from HaloTheme.fla's stage onto the stage of your flash movie with the scrollpane in it. Once you've dragged this movie clip over, you can just delete it from the stage and it's folders and subfolders will remain in the library. The scrollpane component will now use these buttons etc rather than the ones it came packaged with...
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