Flappers Fashion

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Flappers Fashion

After World War One, a new daring and exciting women was born. The unbelievable, fast social changes that struck the United States were illustrated by the new sense of fashion. The flappers altered the style of the twenties by liberating the views of women. "Slim hipped, bobbed hair, and short skirts", was the new image the flappers brought to the 1920's.The girls who flaunted this image were named flappers. Some people thought of flappers as being a disgrace to all women. These girls were wilder, which was a major change from the conservative young girls (American 1). The new era of "flapper fashion" came with a more modern look. It was fashionable to have wear shorter clothes and have no shape to their body. To achieve this, they would tightly secure their chest with strips of cloth in order to flatten it giving them a boyish figure. "The French called the flapper fashion style the ‘garconne' (Herald 1)". The formal dresses worn to night clubs showed a lot of skin. These dresses were made to be low cut with no back. The dresses made flappers appear to be remarkably sexual women (Schneider 28-29). Colors that were used for making flapper clothing were generally more neutral colors. Many different textures of fabric were used such as satin, silk, and tulles to give off a sheer look (styles 1). Stockings, which came in many different styles and patterns, became very trendy for flappers to wear during the day and out at night. The beige stockings were popular, because it gave off a certain nude look. The patterns on the stockings were a "hot fashion item" for flappers to show off (stockings 1). Flappers were the first group of women to be seen in public wearing make-up. Lipstick, eyeliner, and face powder became extremely big cosmetics used during that time. One major problem that surfaced with the selling of these cosmetics were the "toxic chemicals" that caused scaring or even bad burns (Wills 131). Accessories were important during the...
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