Flappers: 1920s and Young Energetic Women

Topics: Margaret Sanger, 1920s, Flapper Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: October 19, 2013
The 1920’s proved to be an exciting time for women in America, everything indicated a new dawn was on the horizon. The recent passage of the 19th Amendment had put an end to a 40 year battle to give women the right to vote. In 1920, the suffrage cause prevailed, and a new era for women had begun. This era would empower women. Their role in the home and the workforce was about to change. Up to this point, women had been content as housewives, mothers and caregivers. The new dawn brought a new breed of young energetic women “The New Fashioned Girl”, the “Flapper”. Flappers entered the 1920’s with change on their mind. They influenced the very essence of a woman by altering their clothing, hair style and makeup. Their demeanor changed as well; Flappers were outspoken and stood up for what they believed in. They engaged in drinking, smoking, and they discussed their sexuality freely and openly with the world. They worked hard to change the double standard in higher education and the workforce.

The 1920s were transformative years for women and the country. Prosperous times prevailed. People’s income rose, consumer business rose and for the first time, installment loans gave consumers buying power. Just as the hemlines of the Flappers rose, so did the stock market. But, it is said that all good things must come to an end. On October 1929, the stock market crashed and with it, the carefree lifestyle of the Flapper came to an end.

A new woman arose out of the ashes. This new woman was indebted to the Flapper, but she set herself apart. She still enjoyed the carefree lifestyle of the Flapper but scaled back the flamboyancy. She embraced the role of mother and wife but did not adhere to strict limitations. The late 1920s would see women in politics, but the average housewife was opposed to the Equal Rights Amendment. Their fear arose because they believed the First Amendment would do away with spousal support. Activists also feared...
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