Flags of Our Fathers

Topics: Battle of Iwo Jima, Flags of Our Fathers, Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: May 28, 2008
One of the most famous photographs in history was taken by Joe Rosenthal at the Battle of Iwo Jima, during the Second World War. The American people on a whole embraced this photo and saw it as a firm success for the army, so the government knowing that the war needed lots of added funds decided to cease this opportunity and sent the survivors of the flag razing on a propaganda based bond drive for the army. Clint Eastwood in the way he directed the film showed just how different an image of war is compared to a real war. Clint Eastwood allowed the viewer to get an insight to all three survivors of the photo and this gave an insight to how the war on Iwo Jima and the image that gave them a entirely different course in the war. The dissimilarities between battle at Iwo Jima and the bond drive are evident through the ways in which Clint Eastwood showed what all three men were thinking at different times throughout the bond drive of America.

The American Government took advantage of an opportunity that was given by the men who raised a flag on the island of Iwo Jima. The opportunity was to raise much needed funds for the war efforts happening overseas. Although it was based on propaganda and half truths three men flew home to go on a bond drive for the American army. To leave all your buddies and go home to become “heroes” in the eyes of society, all three knew that the real heroes are the ones back on Iwo Jima grinding out the well equipped Japanese risking there life instead of being back come home on a propaganda driven bond drive. All three knowing that they were not even the original flag raisers. John “Doc” Bradley said “Ours was the replacement flag we put it up when they took the other one down.” All three of the Soldiers who came home knowing they are living with a lie that should have them back in Iwo Jima fighting side by side with their mates.

There is one scene where the three flag raisers entered a crowded stadium before a football game which...
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