Fixing the Global Nitrogen Problem

Topics: Nitrogen, Agriculture, Oxygen Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: September 8, 2010
   Fixing the Global Nitrogen Problem
        The primary issue of the nitrogen problem is to inform people how nitrogen effects the environment negatively. All living things need nitrogen and approximately 78 percent of the atmosphere contains nitrogen. However, nitrogen is the non-reactive gas that is known as inert, and can commonly be fixed with nitrogen fixation. Nitrogen fixation refers to the natural process by breaking the triple bond between two pairs of nitrogen atoms through a tiny group of bacteria. Another small amount of nitrogen gas also comes from the natural phenomenon, and volcanic eruptions. There was a balance between the amount of nitrogen gas be produced and the nitrogen gas that be coveted back to nitrogen atoms. The balance has been broken due to the human activities, and the amount of the reactive nitrogen gas eventually fell far beyond the natural sources.       Nitrogen contributes a series of serious problems for plants, human beings, and climate changes. To improve the growth rate of plants, nitrogen is usually added to the cornfields or lawns. But, from the perspective of the ecosystem, the deep consequence behind that is quite risky: plants fail to take the possibilities that develop new competitive species in the whole ecosystem because they cannot adapt the nitrogen benefits equally. Furthermore, nitrogen does not only harm plants, but damages our own health also. The research of The National Institutes of Health shows that the growth of nitrate concentration in drinking water may increase the risk for quite an amount of diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease and cancers. Next, evidences indicate that nitrogen is playing a significant role in climate change. The major products that are created by nitrogen in the atmosphere are ground-level ozone, which is defined as the important greenhouse gas. Such products are damaging to both the human’s body and plant tissues. A special concern occurs to nitrous oxide, the one...
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