Five Star Project

Topics: Advertising, Management, Communication design Pages: 5 (1376 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Johnny Coleman
South Hills School of Business and Technology
Business Administration: Marketing and Management
2012 Fall Term

Intro to Business Project
Prepared for Mike Gates

Report to include information on the following subjects:
Industry: Entertainment and Nightlife
Company: Five Star Entertainment Inc.
Career: Advertising/Promotions/Marketing Manager

Nightlife and Entertainment Industry
Things involved in the nightlife and entertainment industry vary a greatly. The is no Company known that can cover every aspect involved in creating quality entertainment without relying on several overlooked resources. In this industry there are several different types of companies, and careers. All parts of the whole are important. Other industries, such as major breweries and building contractors/architectural designers, support, and are supported, by nightlife and entertainment more than you may think.

Over the five years prior to 2011, revenue has fallen at an average rate of 1.9% per year. Revenue rebounded marginally in 2010 by 0.1% as the economy began its recovery, and grew 2.2% in 2011 to $1.9 billion. Improving conditions across the economy, which will hopefully start to speed up in 2013, will bring the industry back to solid health in the near future. Through 2015, the industry is projected to continue experiencing competition from non-industry establishments such as restaurants as well as from people opting to drink at home (NCIAA, 2012).

The obvious thought entering your head when you hear the “title” of this industry is probably bar, nightclub, or concert venue; strip club might even come to mind. Some more specific categories in the industry range from promotion companies, advertising companies, beer companies, liquor companies, musicians, artists, and even newer restaurants. To name a few: 1080 graphics, a poster/graphic design company; Carolina Ale House, a restaurant which has live musical performances and boasts a selection of 42 draught beers, and late hours of operation; Five Star Entertainment, a promotional company employing 24 DJ’s serving the bigger cities in North and South Carolina.

The following are several reasons that a nightlife industry will and should always thrive. They maximize existing city resources by increasing sales, tax revenue and general fund contributions. Nightclubs attract a larger base of residents and businesses. Entertainment can revitalize business districts by using restaurants and nightlife to drive initial foot traffic. The creative class of innovators and entrepreneurs are drawn in to develop sustainable business. Nightlife provides a spectrum of social experiences for many lifestyles to include some things which may be considered different or taboo. Nightlife has the opportunity to propel relocation of corporate headquarters and research facilities seeking to recruit the creative class. It expands tourism and convention trade. Concerts capture post-event markets generated by stadiums and theaters to support local businesses. The industry also creates jobs and careers in hospitality.

Five Star Entertainment Inc.
“Five Star Entertainment is North Carolina's most requested Entertainment service and the one stop shop for all of your event needs. From DJs, Photography and Videography Services, Dynamic Room Lighting, Karaoke Systems to Audio-Visual Equipment Rentals and Photo Booths, we have it covered.”

“We handle every aspect of your function including pre-planning, event coordination and emceeing. Our focus on customer service and our world-class, on-going training program sets us apart from our competition. You will be very satisfied with our high standards, organization and business ethics. Let us take your vision from imagination to reality” (About us,, 2012).

The hiring process for Five Star Entertainment is rather simple. The company hires DJ’s based on DJ interest, not skill level. They have a training...
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