Five Stages of International Development

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An international company is one that engages in any combination of activities, from exporting/importing to full-scale manufacturing, in foreign countries. A multinational corporation, on the other hand, is a highly developed international company with a deep involvement throughout the world, plus a worldwide perspective in its management and decision making.

The following list will a include a list of company in their stages of international development.

Stage 1 (Domestic Company):
The primarily domestic company exports some of its products through local dealers and distributors in the foreign countries. Vizio - The company's been so successful that it even overtook Samsung as the top-selling flat-panel TV in the United States during the second quarter; its sets, on average sell for half what his competitors charge. But Samsung regained the lead last quarter. Wang tells me he's just happy to be in the Top 3, let alone jockeying for the top spot. Floored and humbled by the success, he says, as he considers plans to go public.

Wang's business model is unique: extremely low overhead for one. He's based in Irvine, California and only has 90 full time workers in this country. The company keeps inventories extremely low, buying only the components it needs exactly when it needs them so as not to fall victim to fast-falling technology prices .

Stage 2 (Domestic Company with Export Division):
Success in stage 1 leads the company to establish its own sales company with offices in other countries to eliminate the middlemen and to better control marketing. Snap-on (NYSE: SNA) is a leading U.S. designer, manufacturer and marketer of tools and equipment to professional tool users. It was founded in 1920. Snap-on is located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and employs approximately 11,500 people worldwide. The company is currently worth 2.4 billion dollars (US$) and is one of the companies on the S&P 500. Stage 3 (Primarily Domestic Company with International Division):...
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