Five Minds of a Manager"

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“Five Minds of a Manager"
Systems Approach to Organizational Change
January 5, 2014

In today’s ever changing global economy, managers need to be able to deal with the changes that are taking place such as technology business processes, job descriptions and skill sets. Companies are developing programs in order to keep up with the constant change. Managers are often the first to deal with the changes so they can produce programs to help employees deal with the transitions. Companies who have a plan in place regarding systems approach of organization can adjust easy to the changes and remain a viable business. In today’s changing times, managers are more in need than ever. Managers need to have many different traits in order to be a good manager. This paper will discuss what it is to be a good manager in today’s global economy.

In order to be a good manager one needs to understand what a systems approach is and how it interacts with our economy. The systems approach to management is a concept which views a company as an interconnected purposive system that consist of several business sections. ( system can be broken down by three parts, the first part is input; which all the raw materials of an organization. The second part is called the process which refers to the actives related to management and the third is output which is the end result of the products. These systems need to intertwine with one another in order for a company to change their business processes and in order to stay competitive with our current times. Not only does the organization need to change; so do the people, jobs descriptions, and skill sets. Management needs to have a holistic approach when implementing the change. Organizations that implement a system approach correctly will be able to remain effective during the changing times. Employees’ moral will remain positive and work production will...

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