Five Major Religions of the World

Topics: Christianity, Islam, Religion Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: September 3, 2006
There are five major religions, they are: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. Out of the five religions there are two groups, Eastern and Western. The Eastern group of religions contains Hinduism and Buddhism, both share some beliefs and disbeliefs and some major differences within their own religion and within their group. The Western group includes Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Like the Eastern groups, they have some of the same beliefs mainly because they branched from Judaism. They still have some major disbeliefs within their own religions and within their own group. Each of the five major religions all offer some type of after life for followers of their religion or as punishment for not following their religion. All of the major religions either came from other religions and or have sparked new religions in their presence and have formed and change their views over time. All of these religions have strict rules and beliefs that make up their foundation for their own form of religion.

Out of the Western religions, Judaism is the oldest and the smallest of all of the major religions today. It sparked two other major religions, Christianity and Islam. Some of the beliefs Judaism has are as follows: that you can achieve a moral life through obedience to God's Law and that the Ten Commandments are God's ten key laws. They also believe in one God and that they are the chosen people. Another Western religion is Christianity which developed from Judaism. Christians believe that Jesus is their Savior and like Judaism they believe in the Ten Commandments. They also believe that you should love your enemies. This belief is far from the Jewish belief of an eye for an eye, making Christianity far different. The last Western religion is Islam. It is the newest major religion. Islam makes up one sixth of the population in the world today. Islam has some of what is considered to be, the strictest religious and lifestyle rules....
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