Five Guys

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Five Guys

The paper will determine how Five Guy’s philosophy sets them apart from other fast-food chains. Also will analyze the original values for the startup company and how it remains strong today. Thirdly, enumerate three factors that contributed to Five Guy’s success in such a short time and what effect, if any, external markets had on these factors. Finally, assess how ethical and social practices are part of the Five Guy’s culture and provide examples to support your choices.

Five Guy’s was started in 1986 in the town of Arlington, VA by Jerry and Janie Murrell with their sons. “Jerry wanted to keep the boys close to home and employed, they used the money intended for their tuition to open a hamburger take-out shop. Murrell realized that in order to compete with the fast-food chains, Five-Guys would have to concentrate on food,” (Boone and Kurtz, pg 78). Five Guy’s philosophy would set them apart from other fast food chains. Philosophy

“The Five Guys mission statement, as simple as its menu, is aligned with the philosophy that if you’re going to sell hamburgers and French fries in a restaurant industry that is crowded with hamburger-french-fries- chains, you’d better do a hamburgers and French fries better than anyone else. Simply stated, the mission statement of Five Guys Burgers and Fries is: We are in the business of selling burgers,” (Five Guys, pg 137). This seems like a basic business plan, but their fundamental principles have been that the meat that makes their famous hamburger must be made by meat that is 80% lean, always fresh, never frozen and the factories and plants that cater to the restaurant chain must be so clean that you could come into the plant and eat from the floor. You can choose from a hamburger, bacon cheeseburger, little hamburger, little cheeseburger, little bacon burger, different type of hotdogs, and two different type of fries. Also you have the choice of 15 different types of free toppings that includes: catsup, lettuce, pickles, onions, mushroom, cheese, tomato, jalapenos, and hot sauce. The vegetables are all fresh. The Five Guy’s website boasts over 25,000 ways to customize your burger, all food is prepared fresh due to no freezers in any of the stores, the healthy alternative of peanut oil is used to cook with and finally the food is prided to be trans-fat free. It demonstrates that five guys burgers and fries chains are unique for meeting and satisfying the needs and demands of the consumers. The solid foundation has been set since the inception of the business in 1986 and no matter what is happening in the economies or the higher the prices of the products that are used to create this hamburger and French fry combination there is no way that the family will allow a below their standard product to be sold to their customers. Their success has been built on quality products and these are the products that their loyal customer base has been built upon. Original Values

The first Five Guys restaurant opened its doors in 1986 and the core values have not changed their restaurant franchise. It started from one restaurant and grew to 1,000 restaurant franchises in the United States of America and Canada with all values of respect to customers and co workers through great management better customer service, great quality food, variety of food and great quantity of food. The core quality of the product is one of the key factors to the success that they have achieved. No matter what the economy may bring or terrible weather which may have effect on the produce, the franchise would not cut corners on the final product. One of the reasons that the company does not spend much on marketing, the founders feel that it is more important to learn about their delectable foods from their loyal customers. The first impression is always a lasting impression, so if a customer feels welcomed into...

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