Five future scenarios for Danish manufacturing companies

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Five future scenarios for Danish
manufacturing companies

Manufacturing 2025
Five future scenarios for Danish manufacturing companies
May 2010

© Center for Industrial Production and Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Aalborg University
May 2010
ISBN: 87-91831-20-2
Printing: AK print
Illustrations: Yogisstreg
This publication is supported by the Industrial Fund for Educational Development and Cooperation and The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation

Professor John Johansen, Center for Industrial Production, Aalborg University Professor Ole Madsen, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Aalborg University Chief Consultant Henrik Valentin Jensen, Confederation of Danish Industry Development Consultant Anders Vestergaard, Center for Industrial Production, Aalborg University

List of contents




Danish manufacturing under increasing pressure – innovation required


2025 – A project for the future



Five future scenarios of Danish manufacturing


The highly competent manufacturing company

The industrial power centre

The innovation factory

The flexible value chain integrator

The virtual business


Continuous dialogue on the knowledge requirements
uncovered by the five future scenarios


Appendix 1: List of participants




Challenges towards 2025

How can Danish manufacturing companies
sensibly retain their production in Denmark –
and what knowledge is required to do so? This
question is answered by a number of manufacturing companies, researchers from three Danish universities and two labour market organisations in this publication, based on long-term cooperation within the framework of Manufuture. dk, the Danish platform that forms part of the

EU technology platform Manufuture.

It is the intention of the platform that this publication should function as a dynamic document that can be continuously updated as it is distributed and discussed in various settings. therefore welcomes any views and comments.

Morten Buhl Sørensen, Danfoss

This publication is meant to inspire Danish
companies in their search for innovative solutions that will contribute to the development of competitive production based in Denmark.
In more concrete terms, the work will be used
to influence the research agenda of the EU programme ’Factories of the Future’. Efforts will also be made to establish a number of consortia
that will prepare concrete research applications
to this and other national and international research and development programmes. At the same time we hope that this publication
will contribute to the debate on the future of
Danish manufacturing – and not least to a discussion of political, research and educational measures that should be taken to support Danish manufacturing in 2025.



This publication examines what manufacturing companies of the future might look like and the knowledge requirements entailed by this. The examination thus provides an outline of what is required for Denmark to maintain a strong and competitive manufacturing sector in 2025. Behind the

publication are five Danish manufacturing
companies, three universities and the two
largest labour market organisations.
The publication shows how manufacturing
companies in a Danish context can organise
their resources and efforts to obtain an advantage in global competition by exploiting the special competences and business conditions that characterise Danish society. Compared to many other nations, the Danish economy is open, and the Danish attitude towards global cooperation is very positive....
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