Five Functions of Managment

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Five Management Functions
Amanda Philmon
January 14, 2013
Chad Blando

Five Management Functions

Managers hold the essential responsibility of a business in their hands. The decisions a manager makes while utilizing the planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling, functions will reflect the success a company will have at obtaining goals and maintaining a competitive advantage. Maintaining these five functions requires a manager to enlist highly qualified staff members to reach the company goals. Within the business, world executives not only adapt to conditions but also apply the fundamental management functions. These fundamentals have five functions of management which include planning, organizing, staffing leading, and controlling. These fundamentals are as relevant now as they were many years ago in the start-up or in well-established corporations. Planning

The first function in the management process is planning. What determines the success or failure of any manager lies within a manager and their planning procedure. Planning evolves specifying the goals to achieve and deciding to appropriate actions to achieve these goals. The planning process has many aspects to it such as analyzing current situations, anticipating future situations, choosing business strategies by determining the resources needed. A stable work environment requires less planning and having flexibility will allow one to address unpredictable business environments, which are linked to a lack or planning formality (John & Jennings, 2006). Managers use planning to start their facilitation of control within departments. Planning is valuable in the decision making process to avoid complications in completing the goals. Greiner Bio-One set a high standard of employee standards to meet the requirements of management. This helped to ensure that these managers knew and fully understood how important the planning process was in reaching company goals of...

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