Five Creation Myths

Topics: Universe, Earth, Time Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Five Creation Myths

After reading five myths about the creation of the universe, I can identify several similarities and differences that appear in the stories.
The most obvious similarity in the stories is the presence of a god (or goddess) t hat brought the universe to its present state. He or she brought light from darkness, produced sea and land to make the Earth, and populated it with plant and animal life.

Differences are easy to spot too. Different landscapes being developed are e mphasized by groups of people living in different regions. The Winnebago Indians of Wisconsin mention creation of forests, streams, and lakes, while The Pelasgian Myth mentions Mount Olympus and the Teutonic myth mentions the Northern Sea.

From the way the stories are written, one can guess at the way that the cultures think and live. The Wisconsin Indians seem to think simply, talking about tangible things.The Pelasgian myth talks about people and their feelings. The Hindu story looks at ideas and reasons behind intangible objects like death, day, and God. The Teutonic myth hints that the writers were having a war or had had one in the past because a war is mentioned in the story. The Christians feel that faith and trust in God are important to live with.

Looking at the same sort of story written by very different cultures is an interesting way to learn about different ways that people can and do think. If one knows about different ways of thought, one can break out of the shell of regu larity and do something different that is still a reasonable, possible way of life.
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