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Topics: Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Hong Kong, Disneyland Resort Pages: 4 (596 words) Published: May 1, 2015
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Haking Wong) 81936F Higher Diploma in International Hospitality Management TOS 8401 Health and Wellness Center Operations Report

Wonderland Health Center

Lecturer: Mr. Marcus Yung
Class: 4E

Date of Submission: 3rd December 2014Content
Introduction Pg.3-4
1. Background and Rationale
2. The Philosophy

Facilities and Services Pg.5-6
1. Core Services and Facilities
2. Ancillary Services and Facilities

Human Resources Pg.7-12
1. Management Structure
2. Job Description for the Establishment Staff

Membership Pg.13
1. Membership Retention Policy
2. Possible Sources of Revenue

Market Pg. 14-16
1. Target Market Analysis
2. SWOT Analysis
3. Promotion Strategies
4. Price Strategies

Health & Safety Guideline Pg.17-19
1. Health &safety Related Policies, Procedures,
and Operations Manuals For Staff/ Member

Quality Service Assurance Pg.20-24
1. Staff Guidelines/ Manual
2. Policies/ Procedures

Other Possible Suggestion for the Development of the Center Pg.25

Background and Rationale
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Name: Wonderland Health Center
The name of idea is come from Disney story “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. In the story, Wonderland is the place full of magical and is like a fairytale. Therefore, health center environment will design like a Wonderland; it can give a new experience to guest. Also, we hope the gust feeling wonderful after the wonderful services. So, that’s the name come from.

Upper Class and OL

Hong Kong Disneyland planed the brand new idea, sine Disneyland Hotel Victoria Spa is closed. We decide open a new health Center in the Disneyland Hotel as headquarter. Also, we will choose 2 more places to open our brunches. The marketing segments are upper class and OL. So, we choose Central as the...
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