Fitness Plan

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My fitness plan includes strength training, flexibility, and cardio-respiratory exercises all in one. These exercises should be done in a weekly fashion in order to attain the fitness level wanted. With this fitness plan a healthy diet and enough sleep is needed.  Workout times will vary, as you continue with the program weights/resistance may vary as well.  

Warm up/ Cardio Workout
10 minutes at a warm up pace
15 minutes at a moderate pace
20 minutes at an intense pace

Monday & Wednesday (lower body)
warm up/cardio/stretch
Free Weights:
Squats- 30 reps with 20 pound
Lunges- 15 each leg with 20 pound
Calf Raises- 30-50 reps with 20 pound
Machine weights
Leg presses- 3x reps of 10 at 80 pounds
leg raises- 3x reps of 10 at 40

Tuesday & Thursday (upper body)
Warm up/ cardio/stretch
free weight 
Dumbbell Rows- 2x reps of 15 using 15 and 20 pounds
Biceps curls- 20 reps at 5 and 10 pounds
pull ups- 2x reps of 20
machine weights
Chest press- 3x reps of 10 at 25 pounds
Shoulder Press- 2x reps 10 at 30 pounds 

bike crunches- 50 reps
Standard crunches- 50 reps
2 minutes of planks, 1 min, 30 second rest than another minute 

Friday Saturday Sunday
Days of rest. Be sure to continue stretching throughout the weekend and get at least one day on cardio in.

Stretching: make sure to stretch after cardio and before weights and all stretch after your entire work out is complete. Be sure to do static stretches as to not injure yourself.
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