Fitness: Is It a Fad or a Lifestyle?

Topics: Introduction, Product life cycle management, Obesity Pages: 3 (732 words) Published: May 7, 2009
Fitness ' The New Mantra
Is it a Fad or a Lifestyle

Fitness is suddenly a new buzzword.Everybody is talking about keeping themselves fit .It has caught the fancy of the people of all ages ,shapes and sizes .Our neighbourhoods have seen a mushrooming of gymnasiums and spas. Earlier they were seen only in five star hotels but now can be seen at every street end or a part of every society .It has become customary for every society to have a ‘gym’ also .This phenomenon can be partly attributed to the sedentary lifestyle and the junk food we keep gorging on . The other motivating factors also include size zero of Kareena or a six pack abs of Sharukh Khan .Apart from this , it is important to remain fit and to shed all those extra kilos. The main motive is transform from flab to fabulous.

Thus , fitness is something which is ‘in’ right now and is also a requirement of present time .The best health insurance of this time is fitness .Wikipedia defines fitness as : The state of being physically active on a regular basis to maintain good physical condition. Fitness is about good health and inner beauty.

Can fitness be marketed '
Kotler (2007) defines ten different entities that can be marketed ' goods, services, experiences, events, persons, places, properties, organization, information and ideas.

Fitness can be classified as a service .It also bears all the characteristics of services ' intangibility, inseparability, variability and perishability.Fitness is intangible and cannot be seen tasted or heard. Even the results cannot be known before hand .It is inseparable and also depends on the provider ' client interaction. It is of course variable and also perishable .It cannot be stored .Time once allotted in a gymnasium can not be realloted.

Can fitness have a PLC-
Like all other product and services that have a Product Life Cycle, fitness also has one. PLC is a bell-shaped curve, which portrays the distinct stages through which a product...
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