Fitness and Health Marketing Plan

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Corporate Fitness Works: Move Everybody
At Corporate Fitness Works, we truly strive to Move Everybody. We believe the path to health and wellness is a resolute lifestyle change. This is our business, and we can customize health, fitness and recreation services for your organization's needs. You want a return on investment and competitive advantage in your field. At Corporate Fitness Works, we've been in the health and fitness management business since 1988, providing organizations around the nation, just that. Our Mission

We improve the lives of others by creating healthy, active cultures. Our Values
We practice and influence living a healthy, active lifestyle We thrive as a team culture
We recognize our teams for their contributions
We create strong relationships with everyone we serve
We demonstrate trust, respect, and integrity in all that we do We encourage ideas, creativity, and open communication
(2007, 08). La Fitness Marketing Plan Phase Iii. Retrieved 08, 2007, from
Training benefits are segmented to fighting type physical fitness business. Age range from 16 to 36 years of age. The regular life cycle of a professional fighter is 20-30 years of age. The mission statement and values is focused on personnel training benefits and dotfit. No mention of improvement of community or serving any other segment for this business. This is a different type of marketing and segment targeting.

Benefit Segmentation:
Loyalty Status:
Multiple Segmentation Bases:
F2 Young Accumulators - Kids & Cul-de-Sacs (25-44 ages)
F4 Sustaining Families – Big City Blues (35 and Up)
Y1 Midlife Success - Brite Lites, Lil City (55 and Up)
M2 Conservation Classics – Gray...
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