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My Physical Fitness Assessment
PED 117- Physical Fitness for Law Enforcement
Carlos Canizales
Professor Gotay
April 05, 2012

Physical fitness is defined as, “The ability to perform moderate to vigorous physical activity on a regular basis without excessive fatigue.”(Donatelle, P.296) There are two parts of physical fitness made up of eleven components, known as skill and health. The skill part of physical fitness contains six components and the health section contains five components, which makes up the eleven most important components to live a physically fit life.

The skill related components consist of agility, balance, speed, power, reaction time and coordination. People also find these components to be called motor fitness skills or sport skills. (Corbin, P.6) These are skills that a person is born with or skills that have been developing with time threw fitness activities. An activity such as gymnastics improves your balance, coordination and agility. Skill, like I mentioned is something you’re born with or in another word genetic. A person who are endow with high levels of skill related fitness will have a tendency to learn skills more rapidly than a person who have low levels of this fitness component. (Corbin, P.7)

The first skill related components I will discuss will be agility. Agility is the ability to rapidly and accurately change direction of movement of the entire body in space. (Corbin, P.8) A sport that I personally took part of such as wrestling is a sport with highly demand of agility. If a wrestler is not agile, not only will it put a barrio on his/her athletic career but could possibly cause a risk to one’s health. For example, if athlete is pick up from the mat, is his responsibility to protect himself but with a lack of agility there is a bigger chance of an injury.

Balance is defined by Corbin as, “the maintenance of equilibrium while stationary or while moving.”(2009, P.8) A sport such as gymnastics, without balance you just can’t perform to the requirements of the sport. Balance is all over gymnastics such as balancing on beams or tumbling. I decided to group the last four components because I feel they are the most important to determine if you are an overall athlete. Coordination is the ability to use the senses with the body parts to perform motor tasks smoothly and accurate. (Corbin, P.8) In many sports you need to perform some type on timing activity that defines your level of coordination. Such actions are as simple as kicking a soccer ball, bouncing a basketball, catching a football, or hitting a baseball. Reaction time is defined as the time elapsed between stimulation and beginning of reaction to that stimulation. (Corbin, P.8) In contact sports such as football and hockey, your reaction time to a hit could not only save you from a serious injury but possibly your life. This is why starting at a young age they always tell you to be ready for the last expected to prevent such tragedies. The ability to transfer energy into force at a fast rate is defined by Corbin as Power. (2009, P. 8) In every sport power is needed to be successful at it. There is no sport invented that does not use energy to gain its purpose. Even easy sports like bowling or pool, you need exert a certain amount of potential energy to the ball in order for make the ball move at a powerful or slow rate. Lastly, speed is the ability to perform a movement in a short amount of time. (Corbin, P8) Speed is easily seen in football or soccer players. The faster you are, the larger the distance between you and the defender will make it that much easier to score. These are the six components of skill are Corbin describes as important to maintain a good physical fitness. Health related components consist of cardio endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Corbin defines cardio respiratory endurance as the ability of the heart, blood vessels, blood, and respiratory...
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