Fit & Fat Summary

Topics: United States, Nutrition, Barack Obama Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: October 28, 2010

Obesity: In USA over 55% of all the adults are overweight or obese. And 20%-30% children are overweight or at risk of becoming so. The reason to all this madness, is all the fast-food, the Americans are eating. They have really many fast-food restaurant’s in USA.

It is so cheap, you can by a hole meal for about 2$ at Mc Donald’s. And actually the food on a fast-food restaurant’s are cheaper than if you cooked your own meal, at home, from scratch. I think that should be vice versa!

And another reason is that they do not get enough exercise during their day. They eat a lot of TV-dinners, treats and snacks.
In the schools they had some horrible food for the children, you could only buy fast-food, the cafeterias would never make food from scratch.

Health care system: Before Barack Obama became The President of The United States, they had at health care system that could make you sick! Even if you had an insurance, you sometimes could not get help when needed. If you went to the wrong hospital, If you were to fat, to slim, to young or to old, the insurance would not pay for you treatment! Because in USA you health care is private, and you have to pay yourself. They even treated the Al-Qaeda on the Guantanamo base in Cuba, better then they treated their hero’s from 9/11. I think that is sick, why can’t they treat their on population better than their enemy’s? The insurance-people would find every little mistake on you, so they don’t have to pay for you treatment! Why can’t you get help, even when you have paid for it?

I think that they should have the same health care system like we have here in Denmark.
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