Topics: Soil, Water, Surface runoff Pages: 2 (850 words) Published: January 13, 2014
The first thing you need to consider when preparing a fishpond construction site is the type of fishpond you are going to build. Primarily, there are two types of fishponds namely dugout concrete fishponds and dugout excavated fishponds. In the former, the fishpond is built of concrete materials and therefore, it is relatively costly to prepare the site. In the latter, the fishpond is built by simply digging out the selected fishpond construction site and as a result, it is easier and more economical to build. Another prime factor that is important in preparing a fishpond is the location. The location of a fishpond is essential in determining how effective and efficient the fishpond will be in supplying quality water, nutrients and air to the fishes. Some of the things that should determine which location you choose to erect a fishpond includes water supply, the topography of the site and soil characteristics. In terms of water supply, the fishpond site must be situated in a location where there is constant water supply throughout the year and must be not less than three meters deep. It is important that the main water supply to the fishpond be safe and free from contamination. Contaminated water is the main cause of death in fish grown in fishponds. Keep the fishpond away from waste water drainage systems and away from routes of running surface water. In regards to the topography of the site, it is important that the fishpond is situated in a location that is properly inclined to allow effective and efficient inflow and outflow of water in the fishpond. It is advisable that a fishpond is not constructed in an area that experiences regular flooding or water stagnation. When you are considering soil characteristics, look out for the different soil components to ensure the soil is rich enough in nutrients to support growth of plants that acts as food for the fish. Soils with organic matter of about 16% are...
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