Fishing (Compare and Contrast)

Topics: Fishing, Ocean, Angling Pages: 3 (1103 words) Published: February 25, 2009
Compare and Contrast
There are many ways to enjoy the gifts that God has given us. Simple things that we may take for granted every day, like the air we breathe, the sun on our skin, or the ocean that surrounds us. Growing up in Hawaii I have found a great appreciation for things like these, especially the ocean. Being surrounded by lots of water it seemed natural to explore the realms of the ocean and what it had to offer. Stereotypically, Hawaiians are known to surf. However, skin diving, and fishing are also a huge part of the Hawaiian culture. There are many different techniques to fishing. Some methods include: fly fishing, laying nets, setting traps, reel and line, and skin diving. And even within those methods, variations can be found in each. There are two styles of fishing that I want to expand on, and show how they match up against each other.

I feel it is safe to say that everyone has the general idea of fishing the traditional way. In which, you have a pole and a reel of string with a hook tied on at the end. Some people use floaters (mini buoys), weights, lights, and bait (live or synthetic) to enhance this style of fishing. This type of fishing can be done wherever there is water; at a pond, off the shoreline, at a harbor, off a pier, or even a boat.

Unlike traditional fishing, I doubt too many people know about skin diving. Skin diving is a method of fishing in which the fisherman or diver is underwater while trying to catch fish. The equipment used by most skin divers are a three-pronged spear with a rubber sling attached, fins and a snorkel. Some advanced divers carry knives or even spear guns. A floater is sometimes used in skin diving, but only to mark where a diver is or to string already caught fish to. In traditional fishing the floater is used to keep the bait, not the fish, from sinking to the bottom. Like traditional fishing, skin diving, or spear diving as some might call it can be done wherever...
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