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Jamie Orr
North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries
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North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries
In 1822, the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries enacted legislation to impose gear restrictions on oyster harvest. Separate shellfish and fish commissions were combined with those restrictions in 1915 to form a commercial regulatory body. 1 The commission is a nine-member board appointed by the Governor to manage, restore, develop, cultivate, protect and regulate the State's marine and estuary resources. Implementing management measures, adopting policies and rules, advising the State on marine fisheries in the jurisdiction of federal and regional boards and councils are some ways that the commission controls this. 2 North Carolina is ranked in the top 10 seafood producing states with over 4,000 miles of shoreline and 2.5 million acres of marine and estuarine waters. 1 Brackish swamps and mud flats serve as nursery areas for shrimp, crabs, finfish, and shellfish.

There are many fishery management plans under way in the state of North Carolina. The Fisheries Reform Act of 1997 (FRA) requires the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries to put in order fishery management plans for adoption by the North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission for all commercially and recreationally important species or fisheries that contain state marine or estuarine resources. The goal of these plans is to ensure long-term practicality of these fisheries. 2 Each plan should: contain necessary information pertaining to the fishery or fisheries, recommend management actions, and include conservation and management measures that will provide a benefit to the state of North Carolina. 2 In 2006, the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries came up with a management plan for the Blue Crab. The current regulations put a size limit on what you can catch, how much, and what can be used as bait crab. June 1, 2013, a law came into effect that...
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