FISH! Philosophy of Teamwork

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FISH! Philosophy of Teamwork

Dawn Briske

University of Phoenix

FISH! Philosophy of Teamwork

FISH! is a philosophy people around the world are implementing in workplaces and educational facilities to help foster fun and teamwork in their business. This philosophy is interesting and has been successful. The founders Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul, and John Christensen pulled together to create three books on teamwork which are named _Fish!, Fish! Sticks and Fish! Tales._ In these books they give pointers and tell stories of how making work fun and working as a team creates success. (Lundin, Paul, & Christensen, 2000) The idea of this philosophy emerged in 1998 from a film produced by John Christensen. The film is about Seattle's World Famous Pike Place Market. John translated and depicted through his film that "even in a workplace where fishmongers spent smelly 12 hour shifts stocking, selling, and packing fish that amazing things can happen when people accept the invitation to: 1) Be There for their co-workers and customers, 2) Play, 3) Make someone's day and 4) Choose their attitude about how they show up for work." (Christensen, 2007, p. 1) After the film appeared the book _Fish!,_ this has been on the best seller's list and translated into 17 different languages. Today the Fish! Philosophy has flourished among corporate and educational markets throughout the world. "We are not afraid to use words like love, soul, and spirit because those are an essential part of our humanity. But these values are just as important to businesses…We are on a journey together." (Christensen, 2007, p. 1)

Lundin, Paul, and Christensen believe that there are four secrets and strategies for a better way to create fun and teamwork in businesses. First, be there for co-workers. The biggest ways to do this is by smiling and acknowledging people while walking by them. Say hello, converse with co-workers, be...

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