Topics: Customer service, Sales, Customer Pages: 2 (364 words) Published: August 26, 2013
1. List the top three to five highest priorities of your job as you understand them.

1. Customer service
2. Accurate repair order write ups
3. Selling service and accessories, up selling. | |
|2. List what you consider to be your greatest strengths or accomplishments this year. | | | |I have continued to provide quality customer service, I have many customers that trust me and specifically ask for me because they know I will be honest | |with them regardless if it is what they want to hear. I have also managed to convince our customers that the new restructuring will be good for them going | |forward, even though they have expressed disappointment with the new changes. | |3. Identify the environmental or other factors that impacted your job this past year. | | | |I feel that the elimination of a receptionist at either the front desk or in the service department has greatly impacted my job. This especially comes in | |to play while talking face to face with a customer and having to interrupt the conversation to answer the phone. In my experience the majority of the calls| |into service are for status and/or service/accessory installation, and these calls may take time trying to gather status information, meanwhile the | |customer that I’m trying to sell to does a slow burn. | |4. What were...
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