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Isabel Fish Essay
Even though many people have regrets, you have to realize you can’t hold them in if you want to move on. In “The Isabel Fish” by Julie Orringer Sage and Maddy lost their friend, Isabel, and both siblings have regrets about it. So to cope with their loss they both fight with each other and ever blame each other for Isabel’s death. Even though Maddy and Sage have been fighting for months, once they communicate with each other about their regrets, they are able to put their problems aside because they realized Isabel’s death was not their fault.
Initially Maddy is blamed for the death of Isabel, because she was in the car with her and so she’s an easy target for Sage to assert his anger towards. As Sage and Maddy heads to scuba class, Sage is putting bad thoughts into Maddy’s head about what someone could do to your tank. “What our parents don’t understand is that their son has become cruel and unusual, and he shows no sign of changing”(2). “Cruel and unusual” are strong words to show how mean Sage is to Maddy. The author show how “Cruel and unusual” fit with how Sage is treating Maddy. Also, “Shows no signs of changing” shows that he will be “Cruel and unusual” to her for a long time before he changes. As Maddy is about to get into the water for the first time since the crash she wants the comfort of her brother but he’s not there to comfort her. “This would be a good time to have a brother who cared if you were feeling shitty about getting into the water, but Sage is not that kind of brother. He won’t even stand near me”(7). “Shitty” is a strong word to use to show how someone is feeling. At this point in the story Maddy is about to get back into the water for the first time sine the crash. She is feeling “Shitty” and needs her brother, but of course he is not there for her. By standing across the pool from Maddy, Sage is showing that he does not care that Maddy is feeling “Shitty”.
Once Maddy stands up for herself and expresses how she feels,

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