First War Effect on Britsh

Topics: Translation, Linguistics, Dynamic and formal equivalence Pages: 23 (5032 words) Published: April 16, 2013
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研究方向 翻译理论与实践 题 目 图形-背景视角下红楼梦三个全译本中仿拟修辞格翻译对比研究

2011年 12 月 12 日


1. 课题的研究意义、国内外现状分析。
2. 课题研究目标、研究内容、拟解决的关键问题。 3. 拟采取的研究方法、技术路线、试验方案及其可行性 研究。
4. 课题的创新性。

注:(1)开题报告由各院(系、所、中心)组织实施,专家组成员由副高以上人员组成,邀请导师和督导组相关专家参加,导师担任组长。 (2)专家组的作用是帮助导师和研究生执行选题论证,论证意见以“通过”、 “不通过”结论。通过者按计划开展论文工作,不通过者,在半年内需 重新开题。

| | |选 题 报 告 主 要 内 容 | | | |A Comparative Study of the Translation of Chinese Parody in Three Complete English Versions of Hong Lou Meng | |------ A Perspective of Figure-Ground Theory | |图形-背景视角下红楼梦三个全译本中仿拟修辞格翻译对比研究 | |Introduction | |Research Background | |“Fangni”, as a witty, humorous, satirical and sometimes ridiculous figure of speech, is called “仿拟” in Chinese rhetoric. It | |was very popular in ancient Chinese, especially after the Han Dynasty. Till today, it is often widely used in everyday life, | |ranging from literary works to non-literary works such as advertisements, news reports and many other types of text. In relation| |to figures of speech, there is a consensus that most figures of speech in Chinese have their counterparts in English. The | |counterpart of fangni is “parody” in English, Both fangni and parody has attracted many researchers such as linguists, | |philosophers, educationalists, etc. So far there have been many books or academic papers dealing with them from | |multi-perspectives. Studies on parody in West are mainly conducted from a literary or aesthetic perspective. | |Hong Lou meng, as one of Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, was composed in 1784(Chin 49rd Year of Ching | |Dynasty) with its original title ”the story of stone” and featured a strong and extraordinary ideology and artistic character. | |The first complete English translation to be published was by David Hawkes some century and a half after the first English | |translation. Hawkes published the first eighty chapters in three volumes (1973, 1977, and 1980). The Story of the Stone | |(1973–1980), the first eighty chapters translated by Hawkes and last forty by John Minford consists of five volumes and 2,480 | |pages. In a 1980 review of the Hawkes and Minford translation in The New York Review of Books, some people described the novel | |as a "masterpiece" and the work of a "literary genius." And also, the respected and prolific team Gladys Yang and Yang Hsien-yi | |also translated a complete version, A Dream of Red Mansions,and the other version from B.S.Bonsall, the only complete original | |manuscript. | | | |Previous Studies on Parody and their limitations | |Researches in China mostly approach parody from...

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