First to Fight

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Royal Marines, United States Air Force Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: June 23, 2013
First to fight is a book by Lieutenant General Victor H. Krulak. This book talks about the history, truth, and reputation of the Marine Corps. In the book we would find out more about history dates, battles, and of people who have helped us with their extraordinary acts while called on duty. At first it talks about how the Marine Corps struggled to keep their existence, later on the Marines proved to them that they were way much better in combat and amphibious assaults than any other service. As Marines we adapt and overcome any situation we are put in. Also the Marine Corps congratulated themselves on the national security act victory. Now they were allowed to contribute and protect the country since it was already put in the law. Around WWII something was going to happen that would destroy the Marine Corps. There were many incidents that occurred that led to the Marine Corps not being wanted around other branches or not being recognized. One of the incidents happened in Noumea New Caledonia. General Collins passed with his division in Guadalcanal. He was billeted with a group of Army Officers. On 11 December, General Twining was visited by two of his brothers they have been relieved on Guadalcanal by the Army the day before. There was a discussion going on with Army Command, Brigadier General Nathan Twining U.S. Army Air Force. Nathan talked about the state of being at the operations of the navy and Marines at Guadalcanal. He disowned that the Marines were present there, also to deny Marines to occupy functions of other services. Another example is a group of Marine Officers went to Hawaii to teach and train the Army some of the Amphibious techniques that the Marine Corps had to offer. Once the Marine Officers had left, the Army said that all their problems have been solved when it comes to the matter of amphibious attacks and techniques. The Army said that they would master the tactic to not have to ask ever again the Marine Corps for help or their assistance....
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