First Time In America

Topics: Clothing, Family, Snow Pages: 3 (944 words) Published: November 9, 2014
Darshin Patel
English 101
Samuel Hays
Experience in America
On a beautiful Sunday morning, I got a call from my grandfather from America after 9 years. When my mom told me that it’s your grandfather, I ran to the yellow, old phone. When I heard the first words that my grandfather said to me, it felt so great that even words couldn’t describe it. We talked for many hours and while talking to him I realized how great, smart, and wonderful my grandfather was. Then I handed the phone to my dad because he had important things to talk about. After the call was ended, my dad told me the best news I can hear. He told me that “We are moving to America.” I was so excited that my heart was pounding super hard and felt like that my dream came true. After few months of shopping and packing, we took a long, exhausting flight and after few hours our flight landed to my dream land America. In America, I had some good and bad experience in the past 5 years I lived here.

When I took the first step outside the airport and hear someone yelling my name in a loud and clear voice from the far end of the entrance. As I got closer, I realized that it was my cousin with large ears and chubby cheeks who came to pick me up in his black, with red strips car. During the car drive, I saw how clean and beautiful the roads were. I also saw that all the people walking on the street had different way of dressing with a hat on their head, long t-shits and baggy shorts. As we drove through my cousin’s neighborhood I saw that most of the house looks the same with v-shaped roofs. My cousin pulled into the driveway and carried all the heavy black bags in to the house through the tall and wide front door. As I entered into the house I saw how beautiful and different the house was. The house was way different than the house we had in India, the houses here were made of wood with carpet all over the house and a v-shaped roof while the houses in India were made of grey cement and...
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