first stone

Topics: Coral reef, The Rock, Family, Causality / Pages: 3 (656 words) / Published: Nov 11th, 2013
November 21, 2012
The First Stone By: Don Aker
Part 1: For my first journal I have read the first one hundred pages of Don Aker’s “The First Stone” which is told from the point of view of two characters Chad Kennedy a.k.a reef and Elizabeth a.k.a Leeza. The novel starts out told from the point of view of a seventeen year old named Reef a nickname he has been given by his best friends Jink and Bigger. Reef is a young offender mourning the loss of his grandma and trying to find his way through the world as he keeps finding himself involved with the police and social workers. Leeza on the other hand is a young lady similar in age as reef. She comes from a loving family and is taken care of by her mother and stepfather. Leeza is also facing troubling times as her only older sister Ellen has recently passed away from cancer. Leeza herself is also trying to find purpose in this confusing world.
“He looked down at the traffic through tear filled eyes. He gripped the rock, seeking its strength, and chose a target” pg.35. The most important part that has happened so far is that Reef was standing on a bridge and he makes a conscious decision to throw a rock at one of the passing cars. The rock that he threw happened to hit Leeza’s car, shattering the windshield which caused a major car accident between 6 cars. Nobody was killed but Leeza has been taken into a hospital with severe injuries. Reef is now facing charges against him in court for his crime and the whole community is demanding that Reef face adult charges even though he his only a minor, Reefs final sentence rests in Judge Thomas’ hands. “That was the crown attorney on the phone. The judge is sentencing the boy who put you here. I want to see his face when she throws the book at him” pg.71.
The reason I think this is one of the most important parts in the novel is because this is how Reef and Leeza meet/encounter one another in the book. This part also sets up the rest of the book for the story

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