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Topics: Michael Jackson, Dance Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: May 30, 2014
Chitra Buxani
May 28, 2014
COMM 1110
Music Speech of Introduction

Theme:Rani’s favorite musician is Michael Jackson.
Attention Getter:When you hear the words, “The King of Pop”, or these famous words, “Hee Hee Woo Woo”, who do you all think of. If you all guessed Michael Jackson you are absolutely right.

Introduction:Michael Jackson who is Rani’s all-time favorite musical artist has a huge list of accomplishments. Here are just a few, he was an American singer, song writer, musician, dancer, businessman, and a perfectionist. P 1: Rani first heard about Michael Jackson when she was about 10 years of age. She was getting bored and did not know what to watch on television, she kept changing the channels until she stumbled upon a skinny man with shiny clothes dancing in a way that she had not seen before. Transition:She turned to her dad and asked him, dad who is this man and what type of dance is this man doing? P 2:Her dad explained to her who this man was and that dance he was performing was the Moonwalk. His dancing moves and music were so different and unique that she wanted to learn the lyrics and his style of dancing. It took some determination and hard work but she eventually got it.

Buxani 2

Transition:When Rani listens to Michael Jackson’s music she experiences many happy emotions; it takes her back in time to her childhood years where she had no worries and stress. P 3:She remembers how her dad taught her how to dance. Any occasion that she experienced in her life whether it be a happy or a sad occasion Michael’s music was always playing. Transition:When growing up she did not have internet, iPods, or computers, so listening to and watching Michael was her only entertainment. Like Michael Jackson she too is shy and sensitive. She would and still listens, dances, and even exercises to Michael’s music. Conclusion:In talking with Rani it became quite apparent to me on why she enjoys Michael Jackson’s music so much. His...
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