First & Second Language Acquisition Affects Language Preference in Bilinguals

Topics: Second language, Multilingualism, Language Pages: 4 (1200 words) Published: August 4, 2007
Bilingualism refers to the ability of an individual to communicate in two languages, with a reasonable amount of proficiency, with more than half the world's population claiming it. The study conducted here explores the relationship between people's knowledge of their first and second language and their preference for choosing either one to communicate with family members and to chat online. Data was collected from participants on their preference of either the first or the second language in different situations and was analyzed. The results show correlation between the control of first and second languages and what language people prefer to communicate with their friends online and to text message a friend.

First & Second Language Acquisition Affects Language Preference in Bilinguals Multilingualism is a common concept nowadays, with most people speaking more than one language in every part of the world. More specifically, bilingualism is more widespread as half of the population of the world can claim to be bilingual. Most of the jobs today require a person who can communicate in more than one language, practically handicapping the monolinguals. The degree of control over multiple languages varies, allowing room for preference for one language over another under certain situations and circumstances. People may argue about how much control one needs to acquire to be considered proficient in a particular language, but the basic scale still measures the ability to read, write and speak a certain language with ease. Now the question arises, is there a relationship between bilingualism and a child's cognitive, psychological and social development? (Hoffmann, 1998) Bilingualism has been defined in many different contexts and perspectives. One of the shortest definitions has been defined by Uriel Weinreich (1968) in his book, "Languages in Contact". According to Weinreich, bilingualism is just a practice of alternating between two languages, and the...
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