First Impressions

Topics: Hypothesis, Observation, Scientific method Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: April 2, 2013
First Impressions

Many people believe that first impressions are everything. This being said, impressions determine what happens next and can be pertinent in everyday life. With this in mind, I will do an experiment and record people’s reactions as well as willingness to give me an application. The catch is I will be dressed professionally and carry myself as such. On the other hand, my friend will dress sloppy if you will and carry herself realistically unprofessional. Bad impressions can single one out and cause a loss of many great opportunities.

First off, we went to the mall and inquired about two positions a piece. The first establishment I went to was Kay’s. I then held a conversation with him before requesting an application. I was then informed that they were in fact hiring and my resume needed to be submitted online. My second stop was to Mac within Macy’s. After patiently waiting I was informed that they were not hiring at the moment. However, I was told that it wouldn’t hurt to submit my portfolio as well as resume even though I was not currently old enough to work there. While inquiring at both stores I was accepted, no one gave me mean glares or anything within that nature. Mac’s employee was very interactive with me, he as well as another staff member gave me a compliment on how professional I carried myself considering my age.

On the contrary, my friend went into Mac as well as Bath & Body Works. As soon as she walked into Bath & Body works everyone was staring at her. Some even shook their heads when they overheard she was looking for a job. As I observed I noticed that the staff looked on in disbelief while she conversed with the manager. She was told that they were hiring and was given an application. On the way out though someone told her that she “wouldn’t get the job acting like that.” To make the experiment more interesting, she decided to go into the same establishment I went into for her last observation. The trip to Mac would...
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