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Topics: The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps, Military Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: January 22, 2013
st Yusi, Lorenzo Giullano Q.
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Summary for the 2nd Chapter

1. What are your learning’s in the module that you read? Enumerate and explain as you have understood it.
- In what I have understood in the module, the MAPUA-CWTS contains situations, problems and/or cases involving our community so that we can understand more about the service we provide and to develop our analysis on the problem. It also targets us into becoming more responsible citizens in our country, and makes use of our talents in assisting the development of our community.

In regards of making us responsible citizens, the MAPUA-CWTS’ mission is to make us the ones to change the community, and be more socially aware in our community especially on places where it is economically poor. In Economically poor communities, our technical skills play a major role in helping because of programs that require technicians or engineers, for example is the surveying of structures in the community.

The MAPUA-CWTS has three SDS (Support Delivery System) that can be offered to the community. The Engineering and Health Support and Delivery System involves students who are required to use their engineering skills and health services for the community and are required to make projects for the communities. The second is the Learning Support Delivery System where students will help the community through literacy programs, MAPUA-CWTS offers two types, where in each type is exclusively for students and adults. The last is the Socio-Civic Support and Delivery system, this type of system involves students to work that are related to this system, such services involves surveying the community, health awareness programs, and activities for the youth such as recreational programs.

Another component under NSTP is the ROTC or the Reserve Officers Training Corps. This component is used to provide either basic or advanced military training and to motivate students to prepare them for services for...
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