First Ferris Wheel

Topics: World's Columbian Exposition, Paris, Expo Pages: 4 (1028 words) Published: November 15, 2009
Title: First Ferris wheel

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience the ability to understand the magnitude and ingenuity of the first ferris wheel built for the World's Columbian Exposition at the Chicago Fair.

Central Idea: The building of the first ferris wheel was an amazing accomplishment in 1893


I."There is nothing in the World's Columbian Exposition that compares in genuine novelty and sensationalism with the great vertical wheel which stands in the very center of Midway." So said Robert Graves, a reporter for the newspaper "The Alleghenian: in July of 1893. Mr. Graves was referring to the ferris wheel, a new marvel created for the 1893 Chicago's World Fair by engineer George Ferris. II. Most of you have ridden a ferris wheel at some point, probably at a county fair or an amusement park and may enjoyed the view from the top III. My favorite part of riding the ferris wheel is the wheel revolves. Imagine how it would feel if the highest point was 264 feet in the air IV. The building of the first ferris wheel was an amazing accomplishment in 1893 V. Next, I will discuss the engineer who created the ferris wheel, the building of the wheel itself, and the public's reaction to it at the Chicago World's Fair. • (TR) Let us talk about George Ferris himself


I.The Ferris wheel was designed by George Ferris, an engineer from Pittsburgh, to be placed at the 1893 Chicago World's fair. A. Engineers across the country had been asked for their designs for a central creation for the fair. 1. According to Erik Larson's 2003 book "The Devil in the White City", which covered the history of the Chicago World's Fairs, the fair's director wanted a design that would outshine the Eiffel Tower, which had been built for the previous World's Fair in Paris four years earlier. 2. Many designs were received but none was approved until George Ferris revealed his design for a 250 foot revolving wheel. B. At...

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