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Topics: Plymouth Colony, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Mayflower Compact Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: November 10, 2013
After reading this assignment, I get to learn about the monument that marks the spot where the mayflower found the Indian winter supply of corn and stole it. The spot is called today Corn Hill .This precious corn played a major role in keeping the pilgrims alive through their first winter. They were desperately hungry, cold and afraid; they had no other choice but taking the corn and save their lives. In the text, it was also stated that they wanted to leave something for the Indians in exchange but time was the barrier. Pilgrims were in a survival situation that forced them to take the corn and save their lives. If the corn wasn’t available for them they could have died from hunger. Therefore, I believe that doing such an action was kind of acceptable and excused, firstly because obviously no one was hurt from doing so, secondly because they were in need of this source of food to be able to survive. I totally agree that the end doesn’t justify the means, except in one case: when the person’s life is at risk. Personal values guide us and shape our behavior, yet we face tough decisions every day that may force us to go against a particular value and results in feeling a bit uncomfortable or guilty. This assignment along with the last one (Pilgrims in Holland) gave me a better understanding of the Mayflower Compact which is the first governing document of Plymouth Colony. It was signed on November 11, 1620 by 41 men abroad the ship. By signing this compact, they all agree to obey the rules that will govern their community. According to the mayflower compact, people were the only source power. Therefore, this document served as the first step toward the American democracy.
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